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Cyber Sequencer Features:

  • 16 Stereo Tracks - 44.1 Audio
  • Thousands Of Samples + Growing
  • Online & Local Install (140mb)
  • Make, Sell, Buy, Share Hits!
  • Save & send project files
  • Make beats on your computer
  • Make beats online (anywhere!)
  • Amazing Samples
  • very easy to learn with video tutorials
  • Unique sequencer
  • 4 Octave Keyboard
  • Amazing Studio Quality Output

Drum Editor:

  • Import Your Own Drums/Kits
  • you can easily record your beat with triggers or draw it in the sequencer.
  • Change kit on the fly!!!
  • Edit volume of each pad and perfectly mix your sounds easily.
  • Move Sounds Around, Erase With Ease - IMPORT YOUR OWN!
  • Professionaly MASTERED! drums. High-Quality samples
  • Stereo spread everywhere. You sound will have full stereo image


  • Easy note quantizing
  • Easy note corrections/moves
  • Easyly change sounds on the fly
  • Import your own samples
  • Full Stereo Image in everything.
  • Draw in bars & Edit them. Very easy!!
  • Browse through thousands of sounds & drums
  • Record Live or Draw Your Beats.
  • Edit Volumes, Solo/Mute options per track
  • Export 44.1 high-quality .wav audio files

As a beginner, you need easy-to-use software with an intuitive user interface, but you also require tutorials. Cyber Sequencer comes with a lot of video tutorials which I found very useful and really educational.

It also suitable for professional beat makers because it has a lot of advanced features (ability to use your own midi controller, easy to cooperate with other studio equipment, etc). As your musical talent grows, you will use more and more of the advanced features of this program.

Cyber Sequencer even offers you samples you can use so your beats have high quality sound. You can also import you own samples.

Everything sounds fully stereo by default so, there is no need to worry about your stereo image. Just concentrate on your music and the result will sound completely professional and high quality.

Cyber Sequencer has passed extensive testing in many recording studios and every review written about it seems to be very positive.

Its amazing features and its unbeatable price make it an ideal choice for someone starting his music career. So, you can do all of the research yourself or take it from a Professional;

I highly recommend this program. My rating is 5 out of 5 and it is worth downloading it here